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Purchase Guide for Amateur Smokers

Purchase Guide for Amateur Smokers

The marijuana industry grows at a rapid pace, with legalization right around the corner for most states. We see the novice smoker population sky-rocket like never before. We have amateurs who have never smoked before start to pick up this new craze. It is hard to properly understand what information to believe when you are searching for basic knowledge about smoking.

What should a novice look for when making a purchase?
Before you even decide to make a purchase or use money to enhance your smoking experience, understand what type of experience is it, that you enjoy. Using different smoking methods yield different results and experiences, knowing which one you prefer the most allows you to pinpoint the exact features you would like in a purchase.

Ways to consume aromatic blends!
The three most common ways to consume aromatic blends is through papers and blunts, vaporizers or glass ware such as bongs and pipes.

Rolling papers and Blunts
Manually rolling a joint or a blunt can considered a method of the past but seasoned veterans know that smoking the good ole J can be an excellent way to light up. Rolling up your herbal magic can provide you with an unforgettable experience and will mostly be the first method you use when you initially smoke marijuana. This method gets your very high while feeling energetic.
Smoking through vaporizers gives you the opportunity to smoke discreetly while reaping all the health benefits of vaporizing. The healthiest method to smoke is through vaporizing and provides a distinct flavour when smoking. It is the ideal choice of use when trying to smoking inside the house or in a discreet location. It is quick and easy to use and will require you to only wait the initial heating-up timer.

Glass ware (Bongs and Pipes)
This method has grown tremendously throughout the years due to the marijuana industry growing at a rapid pace. The glass ware we are referring to are bongs and pipes, which are the primary tools used in the consumption of cannabis. Using both the bong and pipe can have great benefits such as health issues. It can be reusable several times and is extremely easy to set-up requiring no more than one minute time.

Once you have chosen the method that you would like to persue, you must want you like about that method.

Most amateurs are in the closet about their smoking habit so it is second nature to lean towards the discretion factor when making a purchase. The products that you will purchase may aid in the privacy of your smoking experience. While products such as rolling paper only cause a further problem with the odor that they create, vaporizers will have the opposite effect. Vaporizers can help nullify the smell that is omitted with the combustion on marijuana.

If you are looking for a fun time while smoking than you would lean towards more inviting products. Rolling papers can be seen as a great example, with the ability to pass them around to others, it has become a household name in creating friends and passing around that green goodness! Bongs can also be equally as fun if you purchase one that appears both light and edgy. Passing around the bong can provide the same experience as papers while providing much more features.

Smoking Quality
If you are a smoker who is only concern with the quality of smoke that you are inhaling than it is recommended that you purchase a vaporizer. A vaporizer will allow you to take the largest tokes that you can from your product. It helps filter the toxic chemicals produced from combusting your material rather than vaporizing it. The taste can also be different depending on the variety of flavors that is offered with your vaporizer.

As an amateur smoker, it is recommended that you do not spend a large amount for any one purchase that you would like to make. The reason why, is because you are still searching for your preferences. Your preferences have not been met yet so you need to hold on and purchase cheap products to test out each method of consumption. Once you have a clear idea on the method that you would like to pursue, give a rough estimate of what price you are willing to pay and search around that area. Write now a list of features that your product must have in order to please you.

Newbies always prefer the size of the product to be small because of the discreet factor. The smaller the product is, the cheaper costs, unless it is a vaporizer. The size of the product usually comes into play when observing the filtration system and purification system of the merchandise. The smaller the merchandise, the less space the smoke has to cool down and filter.

Number of repeated usages
If you are an avid smoker already after just a few sessions, than you must take that into consideration when purchasing your products. If you want to get multiple uses from your purchase that you might not want to order blunts. It would be better advised to lean towards the vaporizers or glass bongs. The glass bongs offer you the most versatility letting you put ice cubes into the ice notches to cool of the smoke.

There are three primary ways to consume marijuana, rolling papers, glass ware and vaporizers. Quickly look into the benefits of all three of these methods and decide which one you would like to further pursue. One your choice has been made choose one that fits your style and price range.

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