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Best Weed Vaporizers of 2015

Best Weed Vaporizers of 2015

There are several ways to consume marijuana these days. With the rise of medicinally marijuana, the industry has taken leaps and bounds towards the next level of marijuana consumption. There are three dominant ways to consume marijuana.


Manual Consumption (papers and blunts)

This is the oldest and without a doubt the most common method in consuming marijuana. The majority of amateurs like to consume their herbs in this manner. Smoking using papers and blunts is considered by experts to be a huge waste of medicinally herbs due to the continuous combustion of the joint/blunt.

Glass ware (Bongs and Pipes)
Using the word “glass ware” loosely, glass pipes and bongs are the predominate product using this method. The products are relatively easy to find, being sold at almost all glass ware stores. These products are the industry average in smoking quality. They can deliver decent quality when searching for a good smoking experience.

Weed Vaporizers
Using vapes to consume your marijuana has grown in popularity during recent years. Our society has never been as accepting of marijuana as it is right now. The numerous advancements made in the medically field in marijuana as led to the drastic demand for the best vapes on the market. You can consume weed using this method by charging your vape and taking your first toke. It’s easy as 1-2-3, no lighters needed, no excess smoke omitted and no loud “look at me I am smoking” signs pointing towards you.

Why should I use the best Vaporizers?

Referencing the information above, one can see that medically marijuana is consumed using vapes due to the health benefits and relative ease of the process. It is the least demanding method, making the best method to inhale your toking needs. All vapes are manufactured to last a long time, using the sturdiest materials and heating elements Vapes will last you for a one or two before needing to be replaced.


Below you can observe the best product list that Toking Guru has rated, using their own rating system.

Price: The more value out of your dollar, the higher the product was placed!
$= under 100$ $$=100-150 $$$=150-200 $$$$=200+

Design: The design and logo.

Additional Extras: Certain products will receive additional benefits upon purchase, free shipping, free bag etc…

Smoking Experience: The smoking experience that was received using the best weed vapes. Some criteria that were used when measuring the smoking experience were, density of smoke (how harsh it was to consume), purification system etc…

ProductRatingPriceReviewBuy Now!
8.7$$$$Read our Review Here!BUY IT NOW!

9.0$$$$Read our Review Here!BUY IT NOW!
Da Buddha
9.3$$$$Read our Review Here!BUY IT NOW!
8.7$$$$Read our Review Here!BUY IT NOW!
Atmos Transporter
8.3$$Read our Review Here!BUY IT NOW!

Before you make your choice from the list you must understand your own wants and needs. All of the products listed above are only subjective to our own opinions and might not fit your desires. It is very important to underline in your head, why exactly are you make making this purchase?


Why are you deciding to purchase one?
Before making a purchase understand why you would like to purchase the vape in the first place. Are you looking for a vaporizer that will change the taste of smoke that you inhale. There are several features that each vape possesses so it is important to understand which ones are pivotal, and which ones are not necessary. Is discretion a huge factor for your purchase, if so than you would not want to purchase a weed vaporizer that are large in size. You would lean towards the ones that could fit inside your jean pockets, ones that would not stick out like a sore thumb.

Referencing the table above, you can see that there are several products that are top grade A++. Toking Guru has taken its time to formally review every single product listed above.

It is important to remind yourself that, this list is only subjective and rated based on my personal grading system. You may not be happy with the rating with some of the products, but bear with us, they are graded using a system that can be beneficial to both experience and amateur consumers.

How was the rating calculated?
The system that Toking Guru used to grade the best weed vaporizers has been carefully put together to serve as a reference for amateur and expert consumers a-like. We start our system by understanding the needs that our consumers expect inside such an elaborate product such as design, durability, design and the smoking experience delivered. All of these attributes and characteristics are then precisely weighted against their respective cons. Only both pros and cons have been measured, Toking Guru than places an overall grade that we think would do the item justice.


Design: The primary design of most vapes are identical, it is a large product that has a mouth piece and a   heating chamber located near the middle of the item. The herb is placed in the middle of the chamber which holds the heating element responsible for zapping the herb. Certain manufacturers hold preferences for the aesthetics that match-up with the weed vaporizers. Unique vapes such as the Prometheus Vaporizer can be bought be you would like a non-generic vape that stands out.

Smoking Quality: Weed vaporizers are the leading ambassadors when observing product types the deliver a pleasant smoking experience. While pipes and bongs have a moderate amount of filtration the vapes smoking quality simply cannot be matched. The quality of smoke defers due to the extensive filtration that the smoke travels through before being inhaled. The smoke is equally distributed and purified allowing you an opportunity to take in bigger hits without coughing up a lung. This gives expert smokers a chance to take monstrous hits and get BLASTED!! The purification system filters out the harmful toxins that you inhale due to the combustion of the herbs if smoking a different way. Certain types of vapes have the mouthpiece a certain flavor, delivering a sugary, taste opposed to the stale harsh taste that smoke has.

Price: The price of the weed vaporizers listed are reasonable in comparison to the features that come along side with them. Prices all differentiate from 100 to 250$+ The best way to figure out the price range that you would be comfortable is to figure out the features that must be included in the vaporizer. If the vape is offering many different features, the price would reflect the amount of features included in the purchase. This is why it is important to figure out the features you need and the ones you don’t. Focusing on two-three different features gives you a reasonable price range to shop around. If price is not a restriction than it is recommended to buy a product that will last you for a very long time, with very high durability.

Durability: Some of the vapes listed in the article are made specially for long uses and travel. The vaporizers that provide you with durability and portability can be found at the best portable vaporizers. These items are manufactured with traveling and portability as the top factor. He majority of products listed are manufactured using the most durable materials such as aluminum, and heating elements that won’t wear out, even after 1000+ uses.

Why should I smoke from the best Weed Vaporizers?
There are numerous reasons why one would purchase a vaporizer for the consumption of marijuana. There are health benefits, excellent smoking experience and can be used multiple times.

Health Benefits:
health-benefits-of-marijuanaUsing a vape gives you a health edge that no other smoking method can provide. Smoking using the vaporizing method zaps the medicinally marijuana rather than combust it. Combusting any material or the use of inhaling or consumption can carry negative effects. The harmful smoke creating through the heating process of combustion and provide dangerous if inhaled frequently enough. marijuana vapes zap the weed using heating elements in the heating chamber.

Smoking Experience: Consuming smoking from a vape lets you take larger hits than with any other method. This is due to the filtration system located inside the vaporizer. The elimination of harmful toxic smoke is also attributed to the size of the drags that you can take. They can also improve the taste of the session, using conveniently placed mouthpieces with jam packed flavors!