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Best Weed Grinders of 2015!

Best Weed Grinders of 2015!

With marijuana consumption at an all-time high, medicinal marijuana company values sky rocketing, the industry is prospering. The weed industry has been booming for quite some time now and it is safe to say it will continue growing; the sale of vaporizers and glass-ware has increased by 90% since last year. Numerous states all around the US have legalized medicinal marijuana paving the way for new support industries.

With the increase in consumption of herbs, the best weed grinders have been in demand. I have received multiple emails from our readers, asking to him help choose from the wide variety of products available to you when purchasing a product. The merchandise offered today in our industry will help you not only cut down the amount of time required to prepare your smoke session but also enhance it!

Why Buy the Best Weed Grinders?


The primary reason why most individuals purchase a grinder is the amount of time saved when using one. Without a chopper of some sort, preparing your weed can be a daunting task. Normally you would use scissors or nails to cut up your marijuana into sizable pieces that can be combusted. This method gets weed all over the place, stuck to the scissors, underneath your seat and inside your nails. Not only is it extremely inconvenient to chop up manually, it takes a large amount of time if you smoke daily and need a large supply ready to do at any time of the day. Cutting up your marijuana will take a long time if your weed is sticky, wet etc… Properly using the best products can have numerous perks other than cutting down on the amount of time you waste. The best sifters have compartments located in the bottom to collect the pollen that is responsible for that extreme high.

Manual Consumption (Papers and Blunts)
This is the oldest and without a doubt the most common method in consuming marijuana. The majority of amateurs like to consume their herbs in this manner. Smoking using papers and blunts is considered by experts to be a huge waste of medicinally herbs due to the continuous combustion of the joint/blunt.

Toking Guru has noticed a large amount of weed sifters hitting the market and would like to compile a list of the best grinders that are currently out right now.
Below you can observe the best grinders that Toking Guru has rated, using their own rating system.

Price: The more value out of your dollar, the higher the product was placed!
$= under 25$ $$=25-50 $$$=50-75 $$$$=75+

ProductRatingPriceReviewBuy Now!
ON Balance Stealth
9.0$$$Read our Review Here!BUY IT NOW!
Pollinator Poker
8.0$Read our Review Here!BUY IT NOW!
Black Leaf 4 Layer Stage
8.0$$Read our Review Here!BUY IT NOW!
Magic Flight Launch Box Grinder
8.7$$Read our Review Here!BUY IT NOW!
Santa Cruz Shredder
9.5$$$Read our Review Here!BUY IT NOW!
Space Case 4 Piece
9.0$$$Read our Review Here!BUY IT NOW!

Design: The design and logo that the current product has.

Additional Extras: Certain products will receive additional benefits upon purchase, free shipping, free bag etc…

Rating: A score that is given to any products between 1-10 (10 being the highest)

Toking Guru is in no way being endorsed to write reviews for these products, these products have been reviewed by me manually. I have compiled all of my experiences with the products listed above and rated them depending on the features that they deliver. The rating are subject and can change at any time, it does not reflect the absolute value of the product. The rating system is completely subjective depending on the wants of the consumer to draw value.


Herb Quality
Different marijuana grinders can provide you with different results. Some are specialized in creating fine grade cut up marijuana for bongs while others are cut up for use inside blunts and papers. The finer the marijuana is cut, the quicker it catches and combusts on fire. The best weed grinders take it one step further and transfer the pollen into the bottom compartment of the product. This allows for the easy collection of pollen while providing a convenient storage device.

Before you make your choice from the list you must understand your own wants and needs. All of the products listed above are placed their due to the strong positive experiences that I have received from it. Choose from the list with caution, not all positive experiences can be replicated and should only be bought if it meets your desires.

Why are you deciding to purchase one?
Why are you choosing the purchase the best weed grinders? Is there a specific reason that you would like to purchase one? Is the feature you are looking for unique, and can be only found in a select few grinders? It is very important to understand the reason behind your desire to purchase. This identification is need to ensure that your primary needs are met. If you are looks for a durable grinder, it would be strongly advised to purchase from a well-known company that has impeccable customer service incase anything were to go wrong.

Referencing the table above, you can see that there are several weed vaporizers that are top grade A++. Toking Guru has taken its time to formally review every single product listed above.

How was the rating calculated?
The system that is used to rate the products listed above has been carefully developed, catering to both the experts and amateurs. When purchasing a grinder, there are certain aspects that need to be calculated and looked at. The design and functionality of the products have been calculated alongside with any positive points that can be made. We average all of those attributes and assign a score from 1-10 stars.

The products all have a sophisticated physical appearance to them. Most of the items are in the form of the usual grinder shape, while some are in the shape of a ball, pen etc.. The logos on them are generally not the most innovative, due to size restrictions.

Smoking Quality
The fine grade that the weed is broken down into determines how fast the combustion will occur. The finer the marijuana, the easier it will combustion, and travel into the lungs. Fine grade herbs are easier to inhale and taste better.

The Price for the products are not very high. The grinders industry is in strong competition with each other forcing the prices to go down daily. The prices that most grinders will reach are 150$ if you would like to purchase the highest quality currently on the market. The price determines the physical appearance and the unique of the product.

If you would like to purchase a product that lasts a long time, I would recommend aluminum casing for the material. Certain sifters can be made out of borosilicate glass, which may break if dropped.

Why Use the Best Weed Grinders?
Using the best weed grinders can have many benefits like fine grade herbs. It is important to keep your herbs cut relatively small, aiding in the combustion and allowing you to drag from the bowl/ joint with ease.