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Best Portable Vaporizers of 2015

Best Portable Vaporizers of 2015


Imagine one day you are waking up, slightly alarmed at the time that you are seeing on your clock. You realize that you are already late to work but there is so much on your mind. How will I smoke my morning J, “I should have bought one of the best portable vaporizers from that store I visited last week” you think to yourself.

Being an avid smoker you will need to do your daily toke before setting foot outside the house. Seriously though, portable solutions are one of the greatest ways to smoke without the hassle or stigma surrounding the smoking scene. It is quiet and discrete allowing you to smoking without judgement.

Managing to find the best to-go merchandise can be a daunting task worth the effort. A portable smoking device can provide convenience to smokers that cannot be matched. If you have a fast/busy lifestyle then a portable vape is just for you! The convenience will not weight you down nor will it hinder in your day-to-day activities.

The portable style of smoking can be extremely flexible for any lifestyle and provide you with a simple efficient way of toking your herbs.

There are numerous websites out there that promote products that simply do not live up to consumer standards, leaving them disappointed.

On the chart below you can observe the best portable vaporizers ranked by me.

How were the products ranked?
The products were ranked based on the

  • Price: The more value out of your dollar, the higher the product was placed!
    $= under 150$ $$=150-200 $$$=200-250 $$$$=250+
  • Battery: The battery life is compared to other industry standards and averages.
  • Smoking Experience: The general experience that the product delivers in relation to others.
  • Style: The overall look of the product!

ProductRatingPriceReviewBuy Now!
Atmos Transporter
8.3$$Read our Review Here!BUY IT NOW!
Arizer Solo

8.0$$$Read our Review Here!BUY IT NOW!
9.0$$$$Read our Review Here!BUY IT NOW!
8.7$$$$Read our Review Here!BUY IT NOW!
Pax By Ploom
8.0$$$$Read our Review Here!BUY IT NOW!

What is a Vaporizer and what does it do?

It is a device that is used to consume medicinal herbs. Just like a bong or pipe will aide you in the consumption of marijuana or any other substances that you would like to inhale. Unlike the bong or pipe, the product will actually zap the oils from the herbs without causing combustion to the herb, properly zaping it. This causes the products to be one of the healthiest ways to smoke.they will use either a heated element located inside the product itself or use hot air to vape the herbs placed inside.

The actual avoidance of combustion will allow you to reap many benefits such as

Smell: Smell is generally a side product of combustion that is occurring at the present moment. If you decide to switch over and start using vapes instead of rolling papers, it will decrease the smell your burn sessions will create.This will allow you to bypass a lot of the smell that is created when a combustion occurs. Portable Vapes can be an excellent tool for someone who like to smoke inside the privacy of their home. It can provide you with a smoking experience without the loud smell and noise.

Quick: The warm-up speed of the best portable products listed is top-grade quality. The warm-up time is the time that is required for the product to heat up the element responsible for combusting the substance that we inhale. They can vary from 30-90 seconds and can also have numerous temperature settings that you can vape on.

Flavorful: Finding the best product can help you get the most out of each experience. Individual vapes  have a unique taste and blend of smoke that you will experience. You can eliminate that acidic taste of burnt materials and ashes and smoke a clean efficient way.

Vapes will emit a vapor that is 95% smoke and carcinogen free making it a healthy alternative to smoking.

How can I find the best product that will suit my needs?


If you would like to purchase products that are well suited for your needs, you are required to first understand what features you would like to be included in your purchase. You will be required to distinguish between features that you would like and features that you would not need included in the vape that you are planning on looking for.

How long have you been previously using a vape for?
This question is an extremely important question to ask yourself. There are numerous products on the market which are all designed for different stages of smokers. Some vapes come equipped with features that only veteran smokers will enjoy while others would be great for a start-up vape. Do not purchase a vape that is for advanced users because the features would just go to waste and vice-versa if you were a veteran user.

Price Range
What is the price range that you are willing to shop around at? Is this a reasonable price range for the product that you are searching for? These products can come in all types of prices. Features are the main driving force of the price. The price range generally dictates the types of advanced features that you will get on the product they purchase.

When searching for the best portable merchandise, one would think portability would be essential to the search. How small would you like your item to be, do you want it to fit inside your pant pockets, are you carrying it everywhere you go? These all come into play when searching for a product that needs to be portable. Will you be using it with large gaps between charges and will be something that you always carry on you? If it is than you would need a product with a high battery life and warm-up time. These all add up to the portability factor. Who you want to keep it in a briefcase or in your jacket pocket?

Listen to what I say
I have thoroughly reviewed all of the best portable devices listed above and would like you to know that I am an avid smoker enthusiast who spends his evenings enjoying some bud. I have checked all the settings on the merchandise and have had years of experience with both bongs and pipes to base my list upon. My goal on this website is to lead you to the product that suits you the best. This means I will give you the most honest opinion that I have about a product. Keep in mind these are just my opinions, which can change over time. Do not get offended by any of these rankings and the opinions that I am expressing.

From the best items above, I can only tell you to pick and choose based on your personal preference, these are the top vaporizers that have been chosen for you to pick from.

Disclaimer: All products have been tested at least ten times before a rating has been given. The rating reflects my overall grade of the product, pricing and other aspects discussed above are used to determine the value of purchase.

Top reasons to use Portable Vapor!

  1. Using the best can be both easy and quick. The portable aspect of these vapes allows you to keep them in your possession whenever you head outside. This lets you smoke out providing that extra convenience.The health benefits gained when smoking from vaporizer cannot be matched by any other product type on the market. This healthy consumption method allows you to smoke without inhaling the toxin fumes that combustion provides.
  2. Using a portable vape can leave very little traces behind. Portable vapes all deliver different tastes which conceals the smell on the breath. Furthermore the vapes will also conceal the smell from being omitted.
  3. No lighters are required when smoking out of a vape. A portable vape will allow you to smoke without the use of a lighter. A lighter is not required because the product uses elements to heat up the herbs inside the heating chamber.
  4. The smoking devices can be very stylish unlike the other products in the smoking industry. This is due to the fact that, the best portable vaporizers are not restricted in using only glass for their design. The wide variety of materials that companies can use when designing a vaporizer leaves the door open for creativity
  5. Vapes can be used numerous times without wearing out. The vape is designed to be used several times and can be used over 100 times before needing to be charged again. This allows the product to be the most durable type of smoking method available to you.